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3 Best Product Description Generators in 2024

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I’m sure you’ve all visited an eCommerce site with the intention of making a purchase, only to find that the information you are provided with to make your decision is not only lacklustre but sorely missing what you consider to be important and relevant details. Off you go to a competitor site – the sale is lost; the brand’s reputation has fallen in your estimation. Multiply that experience by thousands and that brand is losing a lot of potential revenue. As consumers, we’re ever more demanding about the completeness and quality of the product descriptions we read, and that’s before you factor in the positive emotional impact of getting the information you want in an attractive and compelling style.

The eCommerce landscape shifts constantly and if you want to be competitive, you must optimise every element of your online store. A notable tool, AI-driven content generation, is at the forefront of this optimisation, as it provides you, the merchant fighting for every sale, with the capacity to generate highly engaging and precise product descriptions at scale – the kind of descriptions which attract and retain customers. 

Below, we briefly outline the advantages of using an AI product description generator and give you the low-down on the three best on the market right now.

Why AI product description generators are the future

High-quality, SEO-friendly product descriptions have a significant impact on your search engine rankings, enhance the user experience, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates. With the increasing sophistication of AI technology, product description generators are becoming indispensable, generating numerous benefits such as efficiency, consistency, and scalability.

AI product description generators streamline your content creation process by enabling you to generate large volumes of high-quality descriptions very quickly. You’re guaranteed consistency in tone and style, so your brand identity also benefits, and these tools are also designed to integrate and deploy best practices in SEO, increasing search visibility and attracting more organic traffic to your site.

The three best product description generators in 2024

Without further ado, let’s look at three of the best in class. Obviously, you’ll check them out for yourself, but these listings give you a good idea of the attributes of each option.

1. Descriptionwise

Company overview: Descriptionwise stands out as a premier option, specifically tooled for eCommerce product content generation. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes and offers you a highly customisable solution which seamlessly integrates with market-leading Product Information Management (PIM) platforms like Akeneo, and Sales Layer – important, because high-quality, PIM-guaranteed data input will lead to high-quality output!

Main features:

  • Customisable brand voice: You can train your Descriptionwise tool on specific product data models so that it reflects your unique brand voice across all descriptions and channels.
  • bulk generation: You want growth and producing product descriptions in bulk makes Descriptionwise ideal for scaling your business. Looking at overseas markets? No problem, as it incorporates multi-language description translations.
  • SEO: You can be sure that all content generated is fully optimised for search engines, with the keywords and phrase which will boost sales opportunities.
  • Seamless integration: Easily integrates with major eCommerce platforms, making it simple to manage, alter and update your marketplace content.

Why It’s Best in Class

Descriptionwise excels in providing tailored, high-quality content which aligns perfectly with brand guidelines. Add to that its ability to generate SEO-friendly descriptions in bulk and its seamless integration with PIM systems, it’s a compelling option for eCommerce businesses who want to not only enhance their product descriptions but operate far more efficiently and responsively.

2. ClickUp

Company overview: ClickUp is renowned for its comprehensive project management software, which now includes a powerful AI writing tool. It offers an all-in-one solution for managing product-related strategies and creating compelling product descriptions.

Main Features:

  • Pre-structured formatting: It provides ready-made templates with product bullet points and layouts which are proven to boost conversion rates.
  • Copy editing: AI can make suggestions about the clarity, tone, and grammar of your descriptions, ensuring that they are polished and effective once on your product pages.
  • Multi-functional: Apart from product descriptions, ClickUp AI generates taglines, brainstorms product names, and even plans events.

Why It’s one of the best

What sets ClickUp apart is its integration of AI writing tools with project management capabilities. Because it can manage workflows and generate high-quality content within the same platform it offers a highly efficiency and convenient set of tools.

3. Jasper

Company overview: Jasper is an AI writing tool known for its versatility, particularly effective for creating on-brand content. It uses generative AI algorithms to produce engaging product descriptions which match the unique tone and voice of your brand.

Main Features:

  • Trainable AI: The product description generator can be customised to match your brand’s messaging, as well as working with more complex information, as well as ensuring consistency across all descriptions.
  • Template library: Jasper offers a range of templates for different types of content, including product descriptions and other types of marketing copy.
  • SEO and translation: Features automatic translation and SEO optimization tools to enhance global reach and search engine visibility.

Why It’s among the best in class:

Jasper’s flexibility and ability to generate personalisable and SEO-friendly content make it a serious option for businesses such as fashion retailers, where maintaining a consistent brand voice is a key differentiator. It has a comprehensive feature set, including translation and SEO tools, providing additional value.

Why Choose Descriptionwise?

By now, we can see how manual generation of product titles and descriptions is both time-inefficient and potentially more prone to inconsistencies and human error. The set of functionalities which Descriptionwise provides addresses these challenges head-on by offering a sophisticated, AI solution, tailored specifically for eCommerce merchants. Because it can generate SEO-friendly, bulk descriptions in multiple languages, it drives traffic, sales opportunities, more conversions, and businesses save time and maintain a cohesive brand voice. nourishes customers with compelling product stories.

Key Benefits for your business operations:

  • Efficiency: Automated description creation process so you can focus on other critical aspects of your business.
  • Consistency: Full alignment with your brand’s unique voice and style, driving repat purchases and brand advocacy.
  • Scalability: Opens the doors to expansion, given its ability to generate large volumes of content quickly and accurately.

Why not see the power of Descriptionwise for yourselves – we think you’ll believe it can transform your eCommerce content strategy. Start your free trial today and let it loose on some of your products – give them the spotlight they deserve!