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Write and publish product content for your whole eCommerce catalogue, in just a few clicks with AI.

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A unique product content solution for eCommerce businesses

We built Descriptionwise to solve the productivity issues with generating content for large catalogues with AI. 

Secure, private access

Your instance is uniquely setup for you, and your data is 100% secure. We do not train publicly available models like Chat GPT. Our AI partners include OpenAI and Anthropic and growing.

Experts in eCommerce prompt engineering

Our team are expert AI professionals with years of experience in creating custom AI prompts that give you the right results, not generic junk.

Custom tone of voice

Our solution creates custom content, in your specific tone of voice, based on a unique setup and training process.

Generate multiple content types in 1 request

Unlike most solutions, our platform lets you generate multiple content types for a product page or listing in 1 request.

Global translations

Generate unique content in ay language, to power your global success.

No generation limits

Our platform can generate 10,000s of requests per hour, meaning you can enrich your entire catalogue in a day.

Generate unique product content in seconds, tuned perfectly to your product page requirements.

Descriptionwise plugs into your content merchandising process,  reducing time and cost of creating product descriptions, SEO copy, feature bullets and other content types.


High Quality Product Descriptions

With Descriptionwise, you can create high-quality product content for your catalogue in just a few clicks. Write product descriptions, feature bullets at scale. 

Feature Bullets Generation

Create high quality, SEO optimised bullets for feature clarity.



Bulk Generation

Generate hundreds or even thousands of descriptions simultaneously. Ideal for businesses with vast product catalogs.

But can't I just use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT & Others


We integrate with leading PIM systems and eCommerce platforms

Descriptionwise integrates seamlessly with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, and leading Product Information Management (PIM) solutions like Akeneo, Salsify & Sales Layer.

Scale your product description and content work with AI